Re-play of “Dragon Age: Origins”

Bioware has been offering “Dragon Age: Origins – Ultimate Edition” for the PC @ discounted prices over the past few months with great frequency.  For $7.49 on Steam it was finally time to pick up this game with all the D.L.C.

I played through this title about 3 years ago but there is over 35 hours of main quest here, with the additional content you could easily log 70+hrs.  Not to mention the branching story-lines and quest details that can be imported into Dragon Age 2 upon completion of this game…

Origins has been available since 2010 but still holds up to the triple AAA releases today with respect to overall presentation. The music is great, the voice acting is very good, and the in-game banter of your characters among each other is truly unique and unexpected.

The game-play utilizes the now famous “pause” mechanism present in many Bioware RPG’s…so if you liked it before you will like it here.  There is a real challenge to many of the battles, even on normal difficulty settings, so you will have to plan out your character progression and party composition depending on the scenario.  As usual, here are some pics and a game-play video from the play-through: