Mass Effect: Andromeda Review


The combat in this game is really good.  I logged some 70hrs in this game but just got tired of the side-questing and dialogue with the crew etc…


  • Combat is improvement over the other Mass Effect titles, so many options and open world battles set this one apart
  • I didn’t notice the poor character animations that many have mentioned, the animations all looked high quality to me…
  • Scale of the game is great, a lot to do; 6+ full planets to land/explore.


  • A lot of bugs.  I played the PC version and had 10+ restarts, many visual bugs, and bugged boss fights including the final boss battle and ending was bugged for me!
  • Dialogue and story is uninspired, just never connected with any of the characters, really missed me some Garrus!


This is probably worth $60 at release but the plot fell short of my personal expectations…for me this was a lot like Final Fantasy 15…a solid entry but fell short of my expectations for the characters and story.  The buggy gameplay save/load situation was the worst for any game I have purchased in years but we got through it without any game-breaking errors.